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About Us

Gael Force Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is located less than a mile from Route 80 on Route 206 in Flanders, NJ. We are housed in a 3000 square foot, modern facility. Our waiting room offers a large window in order to provide view access to classes in progress. We have private men and women's changing rooms. We offer complimentary wireless internet throughout the facility. Our zebra mats are disinfected after every class and steam sanitized every Sunday, cleanliness and safety are among our top priorities. We pride ourselves in providing high quality education in a structured and individualized environment

Why Train at Gael Force Jiu Jitsu BJJ?

  • We offer a values based kids program developed by Alex, who has over 10 years experience teaching in the public school system.
  • We are affiliated with one of New Jersey's most recognized names in Jiu Jitsu BJJ, Jamie Cruz.
  • We offer personalized instruction in a structured environment.
  • We have a clean and modern facility with a parents waiting room, heat and air conditioning and free wifi.
  • We offer discounts to police, fire, and veterans.

"Training with Alex has been amazing. Alex is one of the kindest, funniest and most genuine people I have ever met. He has an amazing ability to take the complicated art of Jiu Jitsu and break it down into easy to understand steps. I encourage anyone who is hesitant to try something new or may be letting their nerves get the best of them to begin training with Alex. In no time at all you'll be learning Jiu Jitsu and have fun doing it!"

D. Togno


"I love training at Gael Force!  I have been doing the kickboxing class the past 4 months and it has been worth my time, money, and energy.  The gym is very clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming.  The instructors go out of their way to ensure you are learning proper kickboxing technique and form where you really appreciate the art of fighting.  It is also a great workout.  I highly recommend trying out a class, you won’t regret it."

Ryan D


"Finding a Jiu Jitsu gym to train at can be quite the challenge considering how many of them there are. Alex made choosing Gael Force a really easy decision. He makes something complex easy and fun to learn, not to mention it’s an incredible workout."

T. Cerezo

"The instruction is top-notch and the atmosphere is even better. I often neglect certain aspects of my jiujitsu but after training with Alex, I found a whole new appreciation for them! And I was even surprised to find sweeps and other techniques that worked perfectly for me."


Andrew G

"Alex Kennedy is a great instructor and human being. He has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple bite sized pieces to make them understandable for all levels while being engaging and funny."


Josh G

Alex is an amazing person. He has this ability, with an amazing mixture of calm and intensity, to delve deeply into the complex and nuanced details of BJJ and bring you along for the ride. I walk away from every class with the knowledge that everything I just learned will either take only a short time to master or be immediately useful. He has a deep understanding of self defense, competitive/sport Jiu Jitsu and is able to create, via his extremely motivated personality, a learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding. If you are looking for a fun environment or experience that will help you as you endeavor to improve the varied aspects of your life, that we all seek to improve upon, Gael Force is definitely a place for you.


Roberto A



It’s no surprise to me that Alex’s profession was teaching. I was very impressed with the comprehensive beginner’s curriculum he developed, and amazed by the individualized progression plans that he creates with each of his students. Alex has the rare ability to translate complex movements and techniques into simple steps that are easy to digest. His style of teaching is fun and effective, and the individual attention he gives to his students is invaluable. He is a wealth of knowledge and his deep understanding of the art is evident in the way that he can identify and correct the more subtle and advanced details you may be missing. Whether you’re looking to just have fun and get in shape, to learn effective real-world self-defense, or strive to become a high-level competitor, I highly recommend you come check out Gael Force Jiu Jitsu.



Mike A