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Below is the belt system for our kids program.  We do give a belt test each time a student is due to be promoted to a new color belt. We do not however test for new belts within each belt group.  For example a student does need to test to be promoted from a Gray/White belt to Solid Gray.  We typically will give belt test twice a year.  Invitations to our belt test are provided far in advance. The test will be reviewed in class several times with students taking the test. The belt test is not meant to be overly difficult or stressful instead it is a chance for the student to display the techniques they have learned, the results of their hard work, and their overall progress for those in attendance. It is a great experience for the student and their family.

New Schedule Coming March 15!!!

Starting Sunday March 15 we will be implementing a new schedule with added classes.  We are very excited at how much we have grown in the past year and a half.  As a result we feel it is time to add classes to address the needs of our students.  There will be more details to follow but at this time we are looking to add another 4pm Gi class and a class for teens only!  The teen class will be held twice a month on Sunday mornings and would be for members between 13 and 17 years of age only.

Seminar with World Champion Dominyka Obelenyte Sunday March 8th at 12pm

We are very excited to have multiple time world Champion Dominyka Obelentye coming to our academy for a seminar in March. Hope to see you all there for this special event.

Once again thank you all for your continued support and choosing to train at Gael Force BJJ!   If you have any suggestions or requests please just drop us a note in the suggestion box located on the wall near the main office.