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Kids Class

Hop up to arm-bar drill

This is a great drill to improve the speed and accuracy in attacking the arm bar from mount. Focus on pushing weight down with your hands while you hop up. When you hop up keep your hips as low as you can. Feel free to use a pillow or a couch cushion for this drill.

Triangle Drill

When using this drill work on keeping the hips up as high as possible.

Fundamentals class


Breathing is a crucial way to keep calm under pressure and anxiety. It will help slow the effects of fatigue while allowing you to remain clear headed in bad positions.

Standup in guard.

This has been the hardest thing for me to learn during my time training.

Advanced class

Knee on belly drill with a stability ball

Butterfly guard to razor armlock

If you have the privilege of practicing with a partner at home.

This week we will be focusing primarily on footwork