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Jiu jitsu for police officers
Jiu Jitsu for Police workshop

The are many benefits to training Jiu Jitsu.  Not only is it an extremely practical form of self-defense it is also an amazing workout.   Jiu Jitsu works on principles of leverage and control.  For Police officers, learning these principles can be lifesaving when working on the job.  Being able to take a suspect down and control them without relying on striking the suspect with punches or kicks is not only saver for the Police Officer but also safer for the person being arrested.

The Data is in:

In Marietta County in Georgia, Jiu Jitsu for police officers is mandatory.  This is fantastic because not there is real data emerging that shows the tangible benefits of Jiu Jitsu for police officers.

Since 2019 MPD Major Jake King has been implementing the gentle art of BJJ into all MPD use of force training.  Major King negotiated a partnership with 3rd Degree Black Belt coach Humberto Borges, the owner of Borges Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a local gym).  With the partnership in place, the department began mandating and paying for all new hires to attend weekly training sessions under Humberto’s direction.  The program was so successful it was opened to all existing MPD officers the following year.  Next, Major King began collecting use-of-force data, and specifically distinguishing between officers that did or did not participate in BJJ training.  The data was eye-opening; dramatic reductions in injuries when force was required to effect an arrest, both to officers as well as people resisting arrest.

The Data is irrefutable in 2020 alone Marietta county officers who train Jiu Jitsu have

  • 48% reduction of injuries to officers using use of force
  • 53% reduction of injuries to the person being arrested when force was required
  • 23% reduction of use of Taser

As more and more departments begin to recommend Jiu Jitsu for police 

Police training Jiu Jitsu leads to confidence when going hands on:

Jocko Willink sums it up succinctly.  In an interview he gave last June Jocko explains that 

“We have to learn to calm things down, to de-escalate, and then of course, yes, you have to learn how to detain them if they are resisting,” he asserted. “And, what that means is more hand-to-hand combative training.”

“And, this isn’t training that teaches you how to hurt people. In fact, just the opposite is true,” Willink remarked further. “The more time you spend training hand-to-hand, the more easily and the more safely you can detain people. And, you know I’m a big supporter of Jiu-Jitsu. And specifically, Jiu-Jitsu will give police officers a much better capability to detain people without hurting them.”

When you are grappling consistently in a safe environment you are less likely to have a fight or flight response when you need to go hands on with someone on the job.  You are more likely to stay in control of your emotions and make tactical decisions as opposed to reflexive decisions.  

Why Officers Choose Gael Force BJJ:

If you are an LEO (law enforcement officer) and you are looking for the best Jiu Jitsu School to start your journey I would recommend trying a class at Gael Force Jiu Jitsu.  At Gael Force Jiu Jitsu, we have the largest number of LEO students in Morris County.  We have LEO Jiu Jitsu students from many surrounding counties including Warren County, Sussex County, Essex County and Morris County.  There are 5 C4C certified defensive tactics instructors training and teaching at the school. 

At Gael Force BJJ We work closely with Invictus LEO it help provide a safe and welcoming environment for police officers to train Jiu Jitsu and defensive tactics.  Gael Force BJJ is also affiliated with Police Jiu Jitsu.  PJJ is a defensive tactics and grappling system designed by Chad Lyman an industry leader in police use of force and defensive tactics training.  With our affiliation we will begin to include Police Jiu Jitsu classes for our LEO students. 

PJJ is not just grappling it aligns itself with the C4C curriculum to teach officers comprehensive defensive tactics.  Being able to have weekly defensive tactics classes through the PJJ is important for us at Gael Force BJJ to show our commitment to supporting our police officers.  Every month, our BJJ adjunct instructor Justin holds a defensive tactics training session that is free and open to all Police officers.  Within recent months this program has grown to about 40 dedicated officers seeking to improve their defensive tactics skills. We have also flown in instructors from as far as Texas in order to provide the best possible training available.  In these session Justin not only teaches defensive tactics but he also breaks down the ever changing use of force guidelines. 

Jiu jitsu for police officers
Gael Force Police Jiu Jitsu Coach