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Jiu Jitsu schools are quickly becoming commonplace. Schools that offer Jiu Jitsu in Morris county and BJJ in Warren County are and the rise. Every so often I get asked, “How do I learn Jiu Jitsu fast?”  This is my favorite question to answer.  I often wonder why I don’t get asked this more because the answer is relatively straight forward and can be distilled into some easy steps. 

Jiu Jitsu is a technical martial art / sport

Because of the technical nature of Jiu Jitsu the primary focus when you start BJJ should be on technique.  My earliest experiences in BJJ were always come to class, drill one or two moves for fifteen minutes and then spar with more experienced opponents (let’s face it, at first, every opponent is more experienced).  At this point you are learning technique through trial and error while trying to survive.  I am not saying you won’t learn Jiu Jitsu this way, but I am saying this probably isn’t the most effective way to learn Jiu Jitsu.  When I started looking for the best Jiu Jitsu School near me there weren’t many options.  With Jiu Jitsu’s growing popularity there is no lack of Jiu Jitsu schools.  Make sure that the school you join has fundamental level classes and uses a structured curriculum. 

Don’t be afraid to “lose”

I started Jiu Jitsu in my thirties with no scholastic athletic background.  In high school I was a chubby nerd.  When I started training live I was full of insecurities relating to how others perceived me.  I soon realized that no one cared about how good I was or how bad I was except me.  When we constantly worry about winning a round, we only do the few techniques we know will work and shy away from practicing new techniques. Don’t be afraid to train tired. Lots of times we take rounds off in order to recharge our gas tank. The harm in this is that when you have a full gas tank you tend to rely on offence and techniques you are already good at. Training tired, forces you to work on defense, a skill that is often overlooked.

Gael Force Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ) in Roxbury Twp, (morris county) NJ

Practice selfish altruism

In order to excel in learning Jiu Jitsu you need to rely on other people.  The better your training partners are and the more challenges they present to you the better you will become.  When you are training with less experienced students it is important to make them better.  When I see a blue or purple belt defend a white belts pass or sweep with all their energy I find it funny.  It’s ok to stop defending and accept the pass, takedown or sweep from a new student.  This gives them a highly valuable live rep.  It also gives you the opportunity practice escaping a bad position.  It’s also ok to make the newer person feel good at your expense.  I hear this all the time, the new student sweeps a higher level student and the higher level student tells them that they were letting them work.  If the newer student doesn’t already know this then they soon will and then when they train with a newer student they will do the same.  This also builds confidence in self and the technique, why ruin that for them because of your ego. 

Ask questions from everyone.                

Ego is the major thing that will slow your learning of Jiu Jitsu.   People are sometimes afraid to ask questions because they don’t want to seem like they don’t know something.  I remember when I was a brown belt I would train with this blue belt who would escape immediately after I put him in knee on belly.  After the four time he did it I asked him to teach me the escape.  He looked shocked!  If the information is valuable I don’t care who I learn it from.

Gael Force Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ) in Roxbury Twp, (morris county) NJ

Don’t be afraid to throw Hail Mary’s

Sometimes when we train live it is easy to get tunnel vision on the techniques we know work. If you throw a Hail Mary every once in a while it will either work or it won’t You will often be surprised that it will work and then you can add it into your tool box. Open yourself up to try new things as long as they are safe and its not something you saw on Wrestle Mania. Jiu Jitsu can be equal parts fulfilling and frustrating. Following these steps won’t stop it from being frustrating but it will out to the fulfillment of it. Weather you are looking for BJJ in Morris County or neighboring BJJ in Warren County find a school that is right for you and focus on working efficiently and you will progress quickly.