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If you are looking for BJJ in Ledgewood NJ come try a few free classes at Gael Force Jiu Jitsu. We offer classes for beginners and competitors alike. BJJ is a great way to learn self defense, get in shape, and gain self confidence. Here is a great video of Oskar, one of our competitors, competing at NAGA.

As the match starts you can see Oskar work to get dominate grips. He worked to get inside control on his opponent. He used that inside control to create an attacking angle. As he reached for the leg to attack they both fell to the mat. Oskar was able to avoid getting his back taken and ends in his opponents closed guard. He was able to defend against the Guillotine choke as he looked to pass. As his opponent attempted attack another Guillotine Oskar stepped over his leg into his opponents half guard. Oskar then back-stepped looking to pass his half guard and he initiated a scramble that he was able to take advantage of and pass his opponents guard. After another scramble Oskar was able to control his opponent in his closed guard. When his opponent tried to stack Oskar in his closed guard Oskar transitioned to an Arm Lock attack. Oskar then worked to break his opponents grip and was able to finish the match with a straight Arm Lock.

BJJ in Ledgewood NJ: Oskar’s no gi match at NAGA

Gael Force Jiu Jitsu is located off of Rt. 206 in Flanders NJ. If you are looking for BJJ in Ledgewood NJ, Roxbury NJ, Budd Lake NJ, Succasunna NJ or Mt. Arlington NJ, come drop in for a few free classes.